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3D Faces

Custom Made 3D Faces Carvings

  • memories of a friend
  • weddings-bride & groom profiles
  • person of the year
  • employee of the year
  • memorials
  • gifts
  • awards
  • murals
  • mould

Custom Made Ordering Instructions

1. Digital Face Image - submit quotation request form & do not forget to submit a digital image. Flash photography is best, front views should be on a slight angle in order to see muzzle depth. If the pet is a dark colour , shoot with a light background, if the pet is a light colour , shoot with a dark background. We recommend you review the store, gallery & product & services links for samples.

2. Clipart- 3D – Browse 3D clipart & fill in quotation request form.

3. Special Requests  - submit quotation request form c/w  a sketch or idea & we will price it up.

4. Typical costs for a new 6”x7” carving in maple: design $70.00 ;carving $85.00 ;plus plaque $15.00 + ;plus text $20.00 +

Store Ordering Instructions

1. Order an item from the store & add options such as a plaque &/or text.

2. Plaques    Order from Add Standard Plaques or Add Premium Plaques.
3. Recessed Text    Order from Add Text & fill in field box.

  • 1” - 2” in height, depending on number of characters & plaque size
  • recessed letters are carved using a 90 degree V-bit. (usually 0.3’’ deep)
  • lettering is hand painted in Brilliant Gold Finish
  • Price: $20.00 for up to 7 characters, (add $2.00 each for extra char.)

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.

  • Face Samples
    Description- Carved in MDF:  Finish-          semi glossDimensions- various  Sample
  • $125.00 Choose Options Face1
    Description- Carved in Hard Maple :  Finish-          Semi gloss clear coat. Natural FinishDimensions- 7"x8"x1"  (LxWxH)
  • $125.00 Choose Options Face2
    Description- Carved in Hard Maple :  Finish-          Cabernet Stain ;Semi gloss clear coat. Dimensions- 7"x8"x1"  (LxWxH)
  • $125.00 Choose Options Face3
    Description- Carved in Hard Maple :  Finish-           Golden Oak ;Semi gloss clear coat...
  • Face4
    Description-      Carved in Hard Maple & Corean:  Finish-               Semi gloss clear coat on wood...
  • Face5
    Description- Carved in MDF:  Finish-          Gold PaintDimensions- 7"x8"x1"  (LxWxH)
  • $230.00 Plaque1
    Description: "The Boss"  Plaque Wood:         Plaque is solid Purple...
  • $212.00 Sylvanah
    Size: 9"x12" Plaque Finish: face semi gloss; plaqueHigh Gloss Rosewood Description:  custom made , 5"x5" face Material: Hard...