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Customers that require one of a kind design can now have their dreams fulfilled.


  • oval window trim made in one piece with a specific x-  section
  • kitchen cabinet door  panel carving-
  • solid wood door carving
  • crowns
  • mouldings
  • Appliques
  • Fire place mantles

Made to your specifications, just e-mail your requirements.

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.

Custom Made Ordering Instructions

1. Custom Work - submit quotation request form & do not forget to add a digital image  or sketch. We recommend you review the store, gallery & product & services links for sample.

2. Clipart - 3D – Browse 3d clipart & fill in quotation request form.

Store Ordering Instructions

1. Order an item from the store & add options such as a plaque &/or text.

2. Plaques    Order from Add Standard Plaques or Add Premium Plaques.
3. Recessed Text    Order from Add Text & fill in field box.

  • 1” - 2” in height, depending on number of characters & plaque size
  • recessed letters are carved using a 90 degree V-bit. (usually 0.3’’ deep)
  • lettering is hand painted in Brilliant Gold Finish
  • Price: $20.00 for up to 7 characters, (add $2.00 each for extra char.)

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.

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  • $55.00 Eagle
    Description :    3D Eagle Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $35.00 Horse
    Description :    3D Horse Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $50.00 Oval c/w Recessed Letters
    Description :    3D Oval Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • 2D Carving Sample
    Description :      2D Carving in solid oak ...
  • 3D Carving Sample
    Description :    3D Carving in solid oak                          Note:...
  • American Flag & Shield
      Size: 47"x11"x1.5" Finish: none Description:  custom made for owners fireplace grating. Material: Hard...
  • $35.00 Choose Options Appliques1
      Description- Customer request  for a small Appiques not avaiable.                     Made from MDF. Custom...
  • Corean Carving for Indoor / Outdoor use
    Description :    White Corean c/w 2D carving on one or both sidesFinish:           White surface c/w painted text & image...
  • Custom Door Casing Trim
    Customer requited a 66" wide door casing that had two radius built in.DXF file was imported & then a carboard template was made to check with actual site conditions.Final Product had slight adjustments & carved in MDF...
  • Custom Trim No longer Made
    Customer required trim that was custom made & no longer avaliable.Sample was duplicated in hard maple1.5"x1"x7'  Double click on picture to see more details
  • $60.00 Grapes
    Description :    3D Grape Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $120.00 Choose Options Mandala
      Description- Customer request  for Arch. feature                     Made from Solid Maple. Custom...
  • Oval 32"x20" Window Casing -California
    MDF Oval Window frame.Customer required a solid frame casing for an existing window.Profile cut to similar samples shown in gallery/arch. Dimensions:insde-16"x28"outside- 20"x32"Width...
  • $199.00 Photo Carve-- Muhamadd Ali -- Knock Out
    Description :    Photo Carving from an image  Finish:           White surface (or any colour required) , carved into 1/2"...
  • Solid Maple Fan
    Size: 8" dia.x 3/4" Finish: none Description:  custom made for owners mirror Material: Hard...
  • $50.00 Square c/w Recessed Letters
    Description :    3D Square Carving in solid oak                        ...

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