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Personalized Plaques

Custom Made Personalized Plaques

  • choose from our 1000’s of  2D Clip Art Files.
  • engraved lettering
  • birthdays  & all special occasions
  • personalized animal pictures for a friend or yourself
  • your best friendship
  • favorite saying
  • welcome to our house.
  • sport awards
  • wedding gifts
  • gag & funny gift


1. Custom Order - submit quotation request form & do not forget to submit a digital  image or sketch. We recommend you review the store, gallery & product & services links for samples.

2. Clipart3D – Browse 2d clipart & fill in quotation request form. We have over 3000 clipart files. Please let us know what you are looking for & we will e-mail some samples.

3. Typical costs for a 9”x12” plaque $15+; one clipart c/w wording $21.00; (etching only). Note: extra costs for clipart not in our data base.

4. Optional Recessed Text    Ordered in quotation request

  • 1” - 2” in height, depending on number of characters & plaque size
  • recessed letters are carved using a 90 degree V-bit. (usually 0.3’’ deep)
  • lettering is hand painted in Brilliant Gold Finish
  • Price: $20.00 for up to 7 characters, (add $2.00 each for extra char.)

Store Ordering Instructions

1. Order an item from the store as is or
2. You can customize store items with the quotation request

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.

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  • Plaque Sample Sports9
    Description:      Motorcycle c/w owners name Colour: Blue Wood GrainSize:                ...
  • Plaque Sample1
    Description:      "Cody" recessed letters , hand painted in  Gold Plaque Colour:  Glossy...
  • Plaque Sample2
    Description:      "Kerries Place" recessed letters , hand painted in  Gold Plaque Colour:  Cherry...
  • Plaque Sample3
    Description:      "Monique & Brandon" recessed letters , hand painted in  Gold Plaque Colour:  Ruby Marble (non stock item; special...
  • Plaque Sample5
    Description:      "River"  Golden RetrieverPlaque Colour:  Cherry FinishSize:                 ...
  • Plaque Sample6
    Description:      "Emery Animal Hospital"Plaque Colour:  Black Marble FinishSize:                  12"x15"x...
  • Plaque Sample7
    Description:      "Pottery" by Jane van GaalenPlaque Colour:  Cherry FinishSize:                  9'x12"x...
  • $230.00 Plaque1
    Description: "The Boss"  Plaque Wood:         Plaque is solid Purple...
  • $197.00 Choose Options Wedding Plaque - Solid Walunt
    Product Description: Special occasion plaque requested for a mountain top wedding...

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