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Custom Made Signs

  • Made to your specifications, just e-mail your requirements
  • Add & combine 3D clipart to your design
  • Request type of wood. (maple, oak, mahogany etc.)
  • Finishes can be clear coat & or painted
  • See more examples in the gallery

Also see ”Plaques” for more ideas.

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.


1. Sketch / Digital Image - submit for pricing.

2. Gallery Models - prices are as shown.

3. Clipart- 3D - Request price,  choose clipart & specify dimensions.

 All price requests need to include dimensions, type of material & finishing requirements.

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.

  • $55.00 Eagle
    Description :    3D Eagle Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $35.00 Horse
    Description :    3D Horse Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $50.00 Oval c/w Recessed Letters
    Description :    3D Oval Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • 2D Carving Sample
    Description :      2D Carving in solid oak ...
  • 3D Carving Sample
    Description :    3D Carving in solid oak                          Note:...
  • Corean Carving for Indoor / Outdoor use
    Description :    White Corean c/w 2D carving on one or both sidesFinish:           White surface c/w painted text & image...
  • $60.00 Grapes
    Description :    3D Grape Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • Pat & Gerry's Bar
    Solid RED OAK  carved using enhance V-bit & ball nose bit cutting techniques.Background texture is called "hand-carve" which simulates a chisel look.Natural knot brings out the woods characterSize:...
  • $750.00 Phoenix CNC Creations Sign version 1
    Sample sign built from one piece MDFThe Phoenix 3D bird is finished in a semi gloss clear coatDimesions 32"x21"x1"
  • $295.00 Phoenix CNC Creations Sign version 2
    Sample sign made from Mahogany with 1/2'" inlayed Maple letters & face.Textured carved wood suface was cut into the "Phoenix Creations". See pictures for more detailsFinished in a semi gloss clear coatDimesions...
  • Phoenix CNC Creations Sign version 3
    Mahogany inlay in Oak PlywoodFinished in a semi gloss clear coatDimesions 17'X4.5"x3/4"
  • $199.00 Photo Carve-- Muhamadd Ali -- Knock Out
    Description :    Photo Carving from an image  Finish:           White surface (or any colour required) , carved into 1/2"...
  • $50.00 Square c/w Recessed Letters
    Description :    3D Square Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $212.00 Sylvanah
    Size: 9"x12" Plaque Finish: face semi gloss; plaqueHigh Gloss Rosewood Description:  custom made , 5"x5" face Material: Hard...
  • $115.00 Welcome to Pueto Back Yarda
    Description:      Outside sign made from 3/4" MDF, sealed & coated with UV clear coatColour:             Background- ...