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Special Requests

Special Request Carvings

Submit your dream & let’s make it Reality

  • Gifts, for birthdays , anniversary, Christmas, etc.,
  • awards
  • murals
  • moulds
  • renovations
  • replace damaged wood artifacts
  • sports
  • recognition
  • religious
  • baptism
  • memories of a friend
  • weddings-bride & groom profiles
  • person of the year
  • employee of the year
  • memorials

Computer generated images will be submitted for your approval before production proceeds.

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  • $55.00 Eagle
    Description :    3D Eagle Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $35.00 Horse
    Description :    3D Horse Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $50.00 Oval c/w Recessed Letters
    Description :    3D Oval Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • 2D Carving Sample
    Description :      2D Carving in solid oak ...
  • 3D Carving Sample
    Description :    3D Carving in solid oak                          Note:...
  • American Flag & Shield
      Size: 47"x11"x1.5" Finish: none Description:  custom made for owners fireplace grating. Material: Hard...
  • $350.00 Coat Of Arms
    Coat of Arms Size: 11"x17"x3/4" Finish: Plain,semi gloss clear coat Description:  Custom made from a scanned image, Click on image to see details Material: Hard...
  • $450.00 Coat Of Arms c/w Plaque
    Coat of Arms c/w Plaque 16"x21"x1.5" in Natural,semi gloss clear coat.  Plaque is finished in semigloss c/w "Gun" stain  Made from Solid Hard Maple & Ash Designed from a scanned image,  ...
  • Corean Carving for Indoor / Outdoor use
    Description :    White Corean c/w 2D carving on one or both sidesFinish:           White surface c/w painted text & image...
  • Custom Door Casing Trim
    Customer requited a 66" wide door casing that had two radius built in.DXF file was imported & then a carboard template was made to check with actual site conditions.Final Product had slight adjustments & carved in MDF...
  • Dinosaur Lithophane
    Size: 8"x8" Finish: none Description:  Carved on both sides & is transparent through light Material: White...
  • $60.00 Grapes
    Description :    3D Grape Carving in solid oak                        ...
  • $125.00 Choose Options Leaf Man 13"x13"
    Solid wood, finished in semi gloss Cabernet Dimensions  13"x13"x2"
  • $45.00 Choose Options Leaf Man 6"x6"
    Solid Hard Maple, finished in semi gloss to enhance wood grain. Dimensions  6"x6"x3/4"
  • $145.00 Choose Options Mountain Scenery
    Solid Oak  "Mountain Scenery" showing log cabin,trees & ElkDimensions 20"x13"x3/4".Model can be varied in size & layout. Send an quotation request c/w your requirements.
  • $30.61 Native American Relief
    .rlf relief file

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